Our company grants franchise rights to investors who are believed to operate in accordance with GUSTO standards.

Before applying, you can see the Basic Franchising Requirements below.

If your investment plans and store location comply with GUSTO standards and the basic rules listed below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Basic Franchising Requirements:

  • The GUSTO store must have a minimum area of 200 m2.
  • The GUSTO store should be located in a busy Shopping Center and/or on a main street where clothing brands are present in the relevant city.
  • The Franchisee must implement the store's architectural concept in accordance with GUSTO standards, provided that the Franchise Fee belongs to them.
  • The single-brand policy is essential. Only GUSTO products should be sold in the GUSTO franchise store.
  • Orders are placed from the current collection of GUSTO based on the season, and the franchisee is required to order at least 80% of the products in the collection.

Desired Qualities in Franchisees:

  • Experience in retail and the textile sector.
  • Financial capability.
  • Compliance with our Basic Franchising Requirements.

For more detailed information about franchising, you can contact us at